Icicle Arts would not exist without support from community members like you. We raise dollars from art sale commissions, art class tuition, regional grants, occasional small products, and memberships. In order to support our children, artists and the larger art community, we depend on generous community members like you to show your support through a membership at Icicle Arts.

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2015 Programs Supported in Part By:logo53f6a6427e931.pngCascade-SD53f6a6427608a.gif

Icicle FundCommunity-Foundation-of-North-Central-Washington53f6a6424a151.jpglogo-artswa-washington-state-arts-commission53f6a642656d5.png
WA State Arts Commission
NCW Community Foundation
Harvest Foundation
Cascade School District
Papa Z’s Donuts
Woods Family

Business Memberships

(as of 2.21.15)

Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce
Icicle Creek Center for the Arts
Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum
Icicle Village Resort
Cashmere Valley Bank
Pelican Gallery
Pendleton Designs
Marc Dilley Photography
Gibbs Graphics
Walleye Cards, LLC
Munchen Haus

Community Memberships 

(as of 2.21.15)
Jodi Ostrem
Suzi Lane
Sarah Lynn Rosselet
Lee Walker
Patti Erikson
Mara Bohman
Theresa D-Litzenberger
Elisabeth McIndoe
Molly Robbins
Lacey Price
Alessandra Piro
Danielle Gibbs
Natasha Piestrup
Angie Peterson
Juelson Joy
Jill Lewis
Chris Booher
Test Member
Laura Stirling
Mia Bretz
Angelyn Sheppard
Jennifer Totman
Dzhan Wiley
Gro Buer
Cheryl McKenney
Shela Pistoresi
Hillary L Schwirtlich
Virginia O’Kelly
Lev Piestrup
Mary T Rossing
Sarah Scott
Marc Dilley
Lois Pendleton
Stephanie Drexel
Jose Anguiano
Dan Kellison
Patricia Dixon
Tracy Brulotte
Lori Vandenbrink
Arleen Guilfoyle
Don and Ginger Reddington
Robert Reilly
Mandi Wickline
Bill & Kathy
Jen Gillespie
Amber Zimmerman
Amy Massey
Katherine Holmes
Tracey Doherty
Christine Munly
Elisa Webb
Siri Healy
Andrea Britt
Reed Carlson
Cindy Rietveldt
Robert Maestre
Nathan Tremlin
Sally A Freed

We thank you for your support!